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Make the Best Commercial Investment Decisions with the IPV Calculator

Investing in commercial real estate can seem larger than life at first. To those just beginning, there are plenty of numbers and terms that may as well be an alien language. So to help you make better investment decisions, and to understand the Bellingham commercial real estate market better, I’ll introduce you to an important tool available through my website.


The IPV Calculator is a resource anyone can use to gain a bird’s eye view of their commercial investments in seven simple steps. The tool was designed from the ground-up by a team of commercial brokers, developers, and appraisers. Whether you are interested in buying or selling commercial property, the IPV calculator makes it easier to understand the long-term vision of your investment.

I work with all kinds of commercial real estate in Bellingham, likewise, the calculator is set to handle any of the five main commercial property types.

Filling in the details of your commercial property on the IPV Calculator will result in a downloadable report detailing the ten year forecast for your investment. Your final summary will include long-term information like your loan repayment plan, the likely Net Operating Income of your commercial property over the next decade, and your expense growth. Having these numbers available can help you make an informed decision on the best times to buy, invest in renovations, or sell.


Information focused on the short term is presented as well. With the IPV Calculator, you can quickly see which expenses are currently eating the most out of your potential revenue, or how much each tenant is paying per square foot.

The IPV Calculator is an invaluable tool, but it alone does not constitute as investment advice. Before you make any financial decision, I recommend speaking with a local Bellingham commercial broker, like myself! You can reach me through the forms on my website, or call me at (360) 820-2000.

Make the Best Commercial Investment Decisions with the IPV Calculator